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Stable Quality Water Valve Electric Switch SC0526GF

Stable Quality Water Valve Electric Switch SC0526GF

Since its establishment, Skoocom has been committed to producing high-quality products for customers with quality as its life and customer as its center. Both products and services are aimed at customer satisfaction. Skoocom focuses on a Shared culture. Skoocom has grown to today's scale....

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Stable Quality Water Valve Electric Switch SC0526GF



1. SC0526GF is universal for water and gas.

2. This solenoid valve SC0526GF can be used in sphygmomanometers, mixing wine machines, washing machines...

3. The SC0526GF can be used with air pumps and pumps on the product.

4. The rated voltage is between 6-24v, and it can also be lowered by 3V if needed.

5. The valve has a long service life and durable materials.


Founded in 1998, Skoocom is a professional company developing, manufacturing and marketing micro air pumps, micro water pumps, solenoid valves and electromagnets of various specifications. From the beginning, Skoocom identified that its success would come from science and technology, constant innovation, management integrity and high quality.

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