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Portable Ultrasonic Scaler Water Pump

Portable Ultrasonic Scaler Water Pump

It's a food grade water pump with FDA,LFGB certification, it's manily used for formula milk maker, table water purifier and coffee machine. Low noise ,stable water flow and with Self-priming function.

Detailed description

It's a high pressure and pressure adjustable water pump.

With FDA,LFGB certification,Low noise ,stable water flow and with Self-priming function.

dental scaler 2.jpgsolenoid water pump .gif 


PN: SC3711PW  
Rated voltageDC6.0VDC12.0VDC24.0V
Rated current<1200mA<600mA<350mA
Water pressure>20 PSI
Water flow>1000mL/min
Apply forWater
Life test50,000  Times
Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH
Pump head>1m
Suction head>1m













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How to choose a suit pump or solenoid valve?

Pls provide the pump size,parameters of flow,pressure,noise,life time, etc,
For the solenoid valve, do you need NO(normally open) or NC(normally closed type)? How much pressure you need? For negetive or possitive? One way,two way or three way? Port size requires.
According to your requirements and application,we can suggest a suit pump or valve.


Air pump installation

1. Air Pump Installation Suggested Method: The air pump should be wrapped around the EVA strip. Be careful not to seal the air inlet and secure it with plastic buckles. The

2. The fixed position is horizontal, and the motor must be underneath if vertical fixing is required. The

3. The suction hole of the air pump must ensure that there is no obstruction and the surrounding environment is clean.

4. In order to increase the service life of the pump, the environment should not contain corrosive gases (H2S, S02, NO2, CL2, etc.), and places where harmful gases (particularly: silicic, cyanic, formalin, phenol) exist.

5. Please avoid storing the pump in places with high temperature, low temperature, high humidity and harmful gases, especially when it is in the library for a long time. The

6. If the pump is energized, the spindle of the motor may be stuck or overloaded. This may cause problems. If this happens, stop using it temporarily. In the state of stuck or overloaded, the motor will be burned due to heat, so as to avoid the occurrence of burnout, and safety devices such as fuses must be used.

7. When the pump is soldering, the motor terminal soldering operation needs to be completed within 3 seconds at the solder temperature of 330°C.



Established in 1998, Skoocom Electronic has been developing, manufacturing and marketing quality Portable Ultrasonic Scaler Water Pump and become well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers. Equipped with a productive factory, we warmly welcome you to buy our Portable Ultrasonic Scaler Water Pump, and customized service is also available.
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