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Smallest Electric Exhaust Air Valve SC0726GB

Smallest Electric Exhaust Air Valve SC0726GB

High temperature resistance low flow air valve SC0726GB

Detailed description

ICompany Introduction


Skoocom was founded in 1998 which is a professional  manufacturers that set exploition, furnish, sales of various specifications of diminutive air pump, diminutive water pump, electromagnetic valve, electromagnet. At the beginning, Skoocom is aware of its success would derive from science and technology, reinvent continuously, sincerity integrity and brilliant quality.

The company has strong developing talents, excellent product skill, surpass 100 pdinednts and others, like intellectual property rights. With the exception of the range of product's norm, Skoocom has exploitation of  specialty products, pumps, solenoid valves, electromagnets, and so on, aiming at special adhibitions and requirements.

At Skoocom, quality is of the utmost importance, so every stage of the process from development to delivery to the customer goes through rigorous quality control and reliability testing.

We promised to our customers that afford high quality products at the best price and provide seamless service. Through our continuous innovation, we endeavor to develop and put out products and components for meet or exceed world standards of quality and performance. We will also do our best to contribute to our country and all human beings.

Put renown in your brand, use Skoocom pumps and valves


IICompany advantage:

Flattening company structure

Product Advantages:


IIIProduct Introduction

Unlike a gate or sluice, a valve like this can be set to allow more or less fluid through it. ... Spool: Spool valves regulate the flow of fluid in hydraulic systems. Valves like this slide back and forward to make fluid flow in either one direction or another around a circuit of pipes.


IVProduct Feature: grade

2.adjustable water flow

3.high pressure

4.long lifespan

2.low power

3.long lifespan

4.long lifetime


VHow to choose valve?0



1.Can the product be customized?

Can be customized according to specific product parameters

2.How long is the replenishment period?

It depends, less a week, more at least half a month

3.What's your payment term for order?

T/T, Paypal, western union and LC etc.

4.How long is the sampling period?

3 to 5 days                                                         

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