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Resistance Air Evacuation Valve SC0625GL

Resistance Air Evacuation Valve SC0625GL

Automatic air pressure relief valve,safety valves

Detailed description

                                                         Resistance Air Evacuation Valve SC0625GL

一、Product parameters

small air valve

1. SC0625GL can used to medical fields etc.

2. Life test: 12s on and 5s off, it's working cycle is 200,000 times.

3. DC6/12/24V voltage is OK.

4. This SC0625GL apply for air which type is normally closed.

5. This type of SC0625GL solenoid valve is suitable for micro - sized products.

二、Company working environment

freshness preserving box valve

single air valve

air vent valve

三、About Skoocom

1. We undertake to our customers that to supply higher quality products at the favoured charge and to provide perfect customer service. Passing cintinually innovation, we are devoted to developing and manufacturing products and units that corresspond or outstrip world quality and function criterion. We will also make an all-out effort to devote to our country and to all mankind.

2. The company owns rich persons of developing ability, products lead a hard technique,exceed 100 patents and the rest intellectual property rights.Excepting a set of product standard, in allusion to customers definite using and requiring. From the first, Skoocom is conscious of its successful would stem from science and technology, continuous creation, management honesty and higher quality.

3. If you have any problem, please kindly contact us. I'm here anytime and revert you message within 24 hours.

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