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Moderate Cost Air Valve For Water Truck SC0726G

Moderate Cost Air Valve For Water Truck SC0726G

High Pressure air valve,china high quality 3 way air control valve

Detailed description


SC0726Gpressure regulating valve

一、Firm Introduction

1. Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Skoocom Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company developing, manufacturing and marketing micro air pumps, micro water pumps, solenoid valves and electromagnets of various specifications. From the beginning, Skoocom identified that its success would come from science and technology, constant innovation, management integrity and high quality.

2. Skoocom regards quality as the life of the enterprise. From raw materials to finished products have to go through extremely strict testing and fengguan reliability test. The company has a perfect quality assurance system. Strict pursuit of perfect design; Strict requirements for the accuracy of mold opening; Strictly purchase high quality raw materials; Production in strict accordance with process standards; Strictly follow the standard test. This kind of strict quality system and rigorous control procedure as well as the positive attitude of pursuing high quality make Skoocom excellent quality. Because of the excellent quality, we have been recognized by customers at home and abroad.

3. We undertake to our customers that to supply higher quality products at the favoured charge and to provide perfect customer service. Passing cintinually innovation, we are devoted to developing and manufacturing products and units that corresspond or outstrip world quality and function criterion. We will also make an all-out effort to devote to our country and to all mankind.

二、Performance: grade certificate

2.strong suction

3.micro size

4.long discharge

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