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Moderate Cost 3 Way Valve

Moderate Cost 3 Way Valve

Air valve SC0730GL

Detailed description

                                                                      Air valve SC0730GL

Specification 产品规格
额定电压 Rated voltageDC12.0V
额定电流 Rated current2000mA
阻抗     Resistance60Ω±10%
泄气时间 Exhaust Time Max. 3.0 seconds from 300mmHg reduce to 15 mmHg at 100CC tank.
气密性   Leakage Max. 3mmHg/min from 300mmHg at 100CC tank.
绝缘等级 Insulation Level A
使用流体 Apply forAir
寿命试验 Life test200,000  Times
使用环境 Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH

 Air Valve 12V 

Product application:

1. Gas compression air booster pump

2. voltage: DC6/12/24V

3. Medical electronics, health care equipment, beauty equipment, household appliances. Oxygen machines, such as sphygmomanometer, electric chair, foot care information, coffee machine, breast pump, vacuum cleaner and so on.

exhaust control valve

control valve

air relief valve

air valve high pressure

air solenoid valve

medical field use valve

pressure reducing valve

air pressure valve

Pumps are widely used in household appliances, food and beverage, medical devices, industry and agriculture, solar water energy, environmental protection, metrological analysis, printing and inkjet and other fields.

The products have passed the certification of iso9001, CE, ROHS and FDA, and have been sold smoothly in North America, Europe, Australia and other overseas markets. A talented interior design team releases original designs.

On the premise of professional service, scientific research and corporate culture, it has become the world's leading micro pump and valve enterprise. We are committed to greener and more convenient products and strive for better human life.

Rich production experience, advanced equipment, exquisite workmanship, efficient management. Working with us, you can reduce your cost of high-end micro-pumps and solenoid valves, because we are factory direct and economies of scale.

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