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Low Noise Pressure Reducing ValveSC0730GF

Low Noise Pressure Reducing ValveSC0730GF

Automatic air pressure relief valve,safety valves

Detailed description

                                         Low Noise Pressure Reducing ValveSC0730GF

Specification 产品规格
额定电压 Rated voltageDC12.0V
额定电流 Rated current300mA
阻抗     Resistance40Ω±10%
泄气时间 Exhaust Time Max. 3.0 seconds from 300mmHg reduce to 15 mmHg at 100CC tank.
气密性   Leakage Max. 3mmHg/min from 300mmHg at 100CC tank.
绝缘等级 Insulation Level A
使用流体 Apply forAir/Water
寿命试验 Life test200,000  Times
使用环境 Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH

  1. Using

    The SC0730GF can be used for  massage mashine, beauty apparatus and so on.

  2. Features: low pressure, low power, durable span

  3. It has self-priming function.

  4. DC 12V is responsible for food grade materials.

  5. Low noise, easy installation and stable performance.

  6.  Working medium: water, beer, other beverages; no oil, no strong corrosive, no acid and alkali, no solid granular liquid; Installed in dry and ventilated areas; do not use pumps immersed in water.

  7. Certification: Reach, CE and Rohs and so on .

air valve for air shocks

Skoocom production line environment and Test equipment:

Control air Valve

quick air release valve

massager mini air valve

Air Valve 3V

Skoocom has cooperation with many logistics companies in the world, such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, etc. If you don't have your own forwarder, we can recommend it at a reasonable price.

We have the production of full pump from steel valve body, copper winding and plastic case. Our products are of compact packaging, high efficiency and low power consumption.

SKoocom aims to meet the needs of a series of terminal markets, from medical equipment to various industrial applications, in order to save, improve and improve people's lives. Our products range from micro air pump, mini vacuum pump, mini pump, sprayer air pump. 100% testing and testing to meet customer's quality requirements.

We work with customers around the world at every stage of product design, from choosing the best pump solutions to customizing products to meet their application needs. With quality products and professional services, we will surely become your strong partners.

Are you looking for the 3 way mini air solenoid valve?

Our method is unique. We have no ready-made goods. We know that your ideas are outstanding, and pumps or valves should not be the same. That's why we have 30 thousand choices.

We will provide samples for you so that you can test it for your application. If it doesn't work, we'll help you with another configuration until you find one that meets your exact specifications.

This is a very popular miniature air solenoid valve model.

How to choose a right pump or solenoid valve? 

Please offer the dimension,parameters of flow,pressure,noise,life time, etc,

For the solenoid valve, do you need NO(normally open) or NC(normally closed type)? How much pressure you need? For negetive or possitive? One way,two way or three way? Or other special specification requires?

Depending on your requirements and application,we can recommend a suit pump or valve.

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