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Air Jetronic Auxiliary Air Valve One-way SC0518GF

Air Jetronic Auxiliary Air Valve One-way SC0518GF

High Pressure air valve,china high quality 3 way air control valve

Detailed description

Air Jetronic Auxiliary Air Valve One-way SC0518GF

Specification 产品规格
额定电压 Rated voltageDC4.5VDC6.0V
额定电流 Rated current215mA180mA
阻抗     Resistance21Ω±10%33Ω±10%
泄气时间 Exhaust Time Max. 3.0 seconds from 300mmHg reduce to 15 mmHg at 100CC tank.
气密性   Leakage Max. 3mmHg/min from 300mmHg at 100CC tank.
绝缘等级 Insulation Level A
使用流体 Apply forAir
寿命试验 Life test200,000  Times
使用环境 Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH

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Skoocom introduction

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We have established close ties with more than 1500 enterprises from all over the world. More importantly, we have worked in the valve industry for 20 years.

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