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Micro Negative Pressure Pumping Pump SC3710PM

Micro Negative Pressure Pumping Pump SC3710PM

Dime-size vacuum pump SC3710PM can be appropriate for beauty industry.

Detailed description

Micro negative pressure pumping pump SC3710PM

SC3710PM Specification 产品规格
额定电压 Rated voltageDC6.0VDC12.0VDC24.0V
额定电流 Rated current<450mA<250mA<200mA
最大真空 Vacuum<-400 mmHg
最大压力 Pressure>890 mmHg
流量     Air flow≥2.8 L/min
噪音     Noise65dB (30 cm away)
使用流体 Apply forAir
寿命试验 Life test500 Hours
使用环境 Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH

1. Product feature

    Beacause SC3710PM have two air pipe,so it can be used as positive pressure pump and vacuum pump. As for vacuum pump it's air flow can reach 2.8L/min. The vacuum can be up to -400mmHg(-53Kpa).

     It also has the following features,

     *Have a long life,

        The lifespan of SC3710PM can reach 500Hours. which Tested in a mode of inflating 10s, 2s off, and deflating 5s.

     *Working enviroment

     Putting the pump in the temperature at 60℃ and the humidity between 80~85% for 72 hours;then taking it out and putting it in a room temperature at 20℃±5℃ for two hours. The pump still performs well.   

      *Adjustable parameters

       SC3710PM can also be offered as required air flow, pressure etc. to meet your satisfaction. 

2. Dimension

    The size of SC3710PM is 61×27×24.3mm, save space for product design and help reduce product size.









1.Q:How to test the noise of the pump?
   A:Put 5cm sponge under bottom of the pump , 30cm away to test the noise in noise room.

2.Q:What's package of the SC3710PM?
    A:126pcs/carton, the carton size is 315×260×200mm.

3.Q:What's the certification your product have?

     A:Our products have FDA, RoHs, Reach,LFGB certification.

About us

Shenzhen Skoocom Electronic Co., Ltd. is set up in 1998, is a professional development, production, sales of various specifications of micro air pump, micro water pump, solenoid valve, electromagnet company.Skoocom possesses strong product know-how, over 100 patents and other items of intellectual property.We are committed to our customers that we will supply high quality products at most affordable price and provide best customer service. By our continually innovating, we stick at the development and production of products and components,in order to meet or exceed world criterion of quality and capability. 



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