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Highly Cost Effective Vacuum Pump SC3403PM

Highly Cost Effective Vacuum Pump SC3403PM

3v 6v 12v dc micro air pump small vacuum SC3403PM can made suitable for portable products

Detailed description

Highly cost effective vacuum pump SC3403PM

SC3403PM Specification 产品规格
额定电压 Rated voltageDC3.0VDC6.0VDC12.0V
额定电流 Rated current<360mA<250mA<150mA
流量     Air flow>0.7 L/min
最大压力 Pressure>200 mmHg
最大真空  Vacuum<-200 mmHg
噪音     Noise65dB (30 cm away)
使用流体 Apply forAir
寿命试验 Life test30,000  Times
使用环境 Environment0~50 ℃,75% RH

1. Applicaiton  

    SC3403PM can be used for Massager, Blood pressure meter,Beauty apparatus etc.

2. Product feature

    The material of SC3403PM, such as it's plastic parts uses POM.So this pump have a high temperature resistance. Beyond that, SC3403PM also have feature as follow, 

    ①Wide voltage usage,

      The voltage of SC3403PM can usually make DC3V/6V/12V, If you have other voltage requirements, please consult customer service.

    ② Low power consumption,

       At DC12V,the current less than 150mA.

    ③ Long life time.

        By following the patterns, in a 100cc tank, pressurizing for 10s, stopping for 2s, and deflating for 5s is as one cycle, the life time of SC3403PM can reach 30,000times.

3. Dimension

    SC3403PM is a very small vacuum pump, which size is 42×27.5×12.5mm. Due to its small size, it is suitable for portable products.









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 Founded in 1998, Shenzhen Skoocom Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional company developing, manufacturing and marketing micro air pumps, micro water pumps, solenoid valves and electromagnets of various specifications. From the beginning, Skoocom identified that its success would come from science and technology, constant innovation, management integrity and high quality. As a result of its development talent, Skoocom possesses strong product know-how, over 100 patents and other items of intellectual property. 

  Moreover, Skoocom has passed the identification of ISO 9001:2008, and our products has also passed the certifications of UL, RoHS, FDA, LFGB, Reach.



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